To whom does the charity foundation provide assistance?

The Empathy Foundation, established by Mikhail Shelkov, works in various directions: since 2020, it has been providing financial support to over 500 educators in Sverdlovsk Region every month, organizing free educational courses, conducting an engineering accelerator for students and holding a competition for teachers in Tula Region. It also provides targeted support to a correctional school, active teachers and outstanding students in Sverdlovsk Region.

Who is the founder of the charity organization and how is it funded?

The founder of the Empathy Foundation is Mikhail Yevgenevich Shelkov. The activities of the charity foundation are funded through Shelkov’s personal funds, as well as voluntary contributions and donations. You can find more information about the founder in the special section of the website.

Is the recipient of the foundation’s support required to provide a report on the use of charitable payments?

Participants in the programs are not required to provide a report on the use of charitable payments.

What does the foundation provide besides financial support?

The project offers a unique opportunity for training and professional development for both practicing educators and young specialists, motivating them to build a career in the social and educational fields.

The foundation not only develops a culture of philanthropy in the region, uniting true professionals in their field, but also strives for sustainable social changes. Empathy aims to open new opportunities for teachers’ ideas to be implemented in Russia.

Which regions does Empathy cover?

Since 2020, Empathy has been operating in Sverdlovsk Region and we expanded to Tula Region a year later. In 2023 we added Perm Region to our list and here are plans to further expand the foundation’s geographic scope to the Region of Samara.

Where can I view the report on the work done?

All reports are publicly available on the Information Portal of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation – “On the Activities of Non-Profit Organizations” – at the following link. Simply enter the name of the NGO as “Empathy Charitable Foundation (Благотворительный Фонд “Эмпатия”).