Awarding the winners of the competition “Teaching as a Calling” 2022

On October 7, the creative industrial cluster "Oktava" hosted the presentation of certificates for payments to teachers of the Tula region - winners of the competition "Teaching as a Calling"

The teachers were awarded by Olga Gremyakova, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government, and a representative of the Empathy Charitable Foundation of entrepreneur Mikhail Shelkov in Tula.

Mikhail Shelkov gave words of encouragement:

“My congratulations to the winners! Today you receive a well-deserved award and the recognition of colleagues. You have passed a difficult selection process in conditions when the number of applications tripled and 11 people claimed one prize. You have come up with unique developments and presented them to the jury. I am sure that if every teacher compares themselves before and after the competition, they will definitely see the difference. For us as co-organizers it is already obvious: such a good dynamics leaves no doubt that next year the competition should be continued”.

The competition committee determined the following winners:

“Teacher Mentor”:

  • Olga Medvedeva, a teacher of Russian language and literature at Education Center No. 26 in Tula, Russia
  • Anna Povalyaeva, teacher of the Child Development Center – Kindergarten No. 14, Efremov 
  • Elena Seregina, senior teacher of kindergarten No. 1 in Dubensky district.


“Innovations and Traditions – Teacher”:

  • Neonila Teselkina, a computer science teacher at Secondary General Education School No. 1 in Uzlovsky District
  • Tatiana Shatrova, biology teacher at Education Center No. 38 in Tula city


“Innovations and Traditions – Methodist”:

  • Svetlana Gavrilina, OBJ teacher of Education Center No. 20, Tula. Tula 
  • Larisa Patsukova, Geography teacher of Education Center No. 20, Tula Larisa Patsukova. Tula 


“Innovations and Traditions – Librarian”:

  • Svetlana Mitina, teacher-librarian of Kimovskaya school
  • Yulia Plakhova, head of the information and library center of Education Center No. 18 in Tula.


“Professional Debut”:

  • Olga Deriglazova, biology teacher of Education Center No. 8, Tula. Tula 
  • Anastasia Zagrebneva, biology teacher at the Gymnasium (Education Center) of Suvorov city
  • Anna Okorokova, English teacher at Education Center No. 2 named after Hero of the Soviet Union O. P. Matveev, Tula
  • Yulia Zimonina, a speech therapist at Kindergarten No. 47 in Novomoskovsk, Russia
  • Angelina Ilyina, teacher of Gymnasium No. 18 in Aleksin, Tula
  • Anastasia Safonova, an elementary school teacher at the Station Secondary Comprehensive School in the Volovsky District


“Young Manager”:

  • Denis Lelikov, Deputy Director for Social and Psychological Work at Donsk School No. 1
  • Maria Sautina, deputy head of educational and methodological work at Kindergarten No. 9 in Uzlovsky District
  • Alexander Sysoev, Deputy Director for Educational Work at Education Center No. 20 in Tula Alexander Sysoev. Tula 


“Social pedagogue”:

  • Kira Zimakova, social pedagogue of Education Center No. 42 in the city of Tula
  • Maya Kruglyachenko, social pedagogue of the “Pchelka” kindergarten in Plavsky district
  • Ekaterina Yurchak, social pedagogue of the Tula Education Center No. 39 named after Hero of the Soviet Union A. A. Rogozhin.


“Educational Psychologist”:

  • Oksana Griboedova, teacher-psychologist of the Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance “Doverie”, Plavsky district
  • Tatyana Kudashova, pedagogical psychologist at the Zaokskaya school for students with disabilities
  • Olga Mincheva, pedagogical psychologist at Kindergarten No. 12 in Aleksin. Alexin

“Rural school teacher”:

  • Natalia Erokhina, teacher of Streletskaya basic comprehensive school in Odoyevsky district
  • Elena Nikitina, teacher of the Buchalskaya secondary general education school named after Hero of the Soviet Union I. P. Potekhin, Kimovsk district
  • Alyona Timokhina, a chemistry teacher at the L.N. Tolstoy Yasnopolyansky educational complex.


“Vocational Training Master”:

  • Irina Demikhova, a teacher of special disciplines at the Don College of Information Technologies
  • Yevgenia Zaporozhets, master of industrial training at Aleksinsky Machine-Building College
  • Elena Fadeeva, teacher at Chern Vocational Pedagogical College


“Pre-school Educator:

  • Olga Demidova, a teacher at Kindergarten No. 47 in the town of Novomoskovsk
  • Tatiana Zalomaeva, Teacher of Education Center No. 12 in Tula Tatiana Zalomaeva Tula 
  • Evgenia Strakhova, teacher of Kindergarten No. 1 in Plavsky District.


“Rural Pre-school Educator”:

  • Larisa Zagirova, a teacher of Kindergarten No. 9 in Uzlovsky District
  • Natalia Marinchenko, a teacher at Kindergarten No. 9 of the Uzlovsky District
  • Maria Nefedova, kindergarten teacher of Kindergarten No. 10, Kimovsky District


“Educator working with children with disabilities”:

  • Natalia Afonina, teacher and speech therapist of the Child Development Center – Kindergarten No. 5 “Mir Detstva” in Tula city
  • Oksana Kondratieva, a speech therapist at Kindergarten No. 53 in Novomoskovsk, Russia
  • Sergey Sokolov, Master of Industrial Training at the Tula College of Social Technologies 


“Pre-school Educator working with children with disabilities”:

  • Irina Ivanova, teacher of Kindergarten No. 44 “Zvezdochki” in Novomoskovsk, Russia
  • Svetlana Panina, a teacher at Kindergarten No. 44 “Zvezdochki” in Novomoskovsk
  • Anna Sokolova, teacher of the Novomoskovsk kindergarten for children with disabilities.


“Extracurricular Education Teacher”:

  • Tamara Kryuchkova, teacher of additional education of the Center of Education No. 22 – Lyceum of Arts in Tula
  • Irina Petrakova, teacher of additional education at the City Center for Development and Scientific and Technical Creativity of Children and Youth in Tula.
  • Polina Subbotina, teacher of supplementary education at the Tula Center of Education No. 7 named after Hero of the Soviet Union S. N. Sudeisky.


“Class Teacher / Group Curator”:

  • Aleftina Kuznetsova, foreign language teacher at Tula school for students with disabilities No. 4
  • Ekaterina Mineeva, mathematics teacher at Tula Education Center No. 47
  • Larisa Reiser, Deputy Director for Educational Work, Secondary General Education School No. 5, Aleksin


“Workers of Additional Pre-school Education”:

  • Olga Karpova, physical education instructor at the Child Development Center – Kindergarten No. 56 in Novomoskovsk, Russia
  • Vera Krikova, music director at Kindergarten No. 25 in the Uzlovsky district
  • Yulia Maltseva, physical education instructor at Kindergarten No. 44 “Zvezdochki”, Novomoskovsk, Russia.

The competition “Teaching as a Calling” was held from June to September. About 600 teachers from the region submitted applications to demonstrate their achievements and effective teaching practices. The contest materials were evaluated by a jury of education specialists from the Tula Region, as well as federal experts invited by the Empathy Foundation.

The prize fund from Empathy in the amount of 11 million rubles (160 000 USD) was shared by 51 winners in 15 nominations. Compared to last year, there are four more nominations and 18 more winners. Depending on the category, teachers will receive either 100 thousand (1400 USD) as a lump sum or 20 thousand (290 USD) monthly for a year.

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