Empathy Charitable Foundation launches the first stage of the teacher support program

Verkhnyaya Salda, October 26, 2020 – The Empathy Foundation has entered into a cooperation agreement with the administration of the Verkhnyaya Salda municipal district and the administration of the Nizhnyaya Salda municipal district to implement a program to support school teachers. The document was signed by Mikhail Shelkov, creator of the Empathy Foundation.

The first stage of the Empathy Foundation’s charitable program involves financial support for all teachers of educational institutions in the region without exception, which is 510 teachers from 16 schools, who will receive from Empathy a monthly payment of 15 000 rubles (217 USD), almost equal to 50% of their salary between November 2020 and June 2021.

“Teachers are the foundation of our society. We want to strengthen this foundation and create a new format of a sought-after modern teacher who can set the bar high for both themselves and their students. Helping talented young teachers and experienced teachers in the regions, we want to not only preserve and develop education, but also raise a new generation of in-demand graduates, and in the future – specialists on whom our ‘tomorrow’ will depend,” – said Mikhail Shelkov, creator of the Empathy Charitable Foundation.

At the current stage, the Empathy Foundation plans to focus its efforts on the development of educational programs in the Sverdlovsk Region and Perm Krai. The first project is being implemented in Verkhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Salda, and a similar project for teachers will be implemented in Berezniki. The foundation is currently developing an open-ended support program for educational and cultural institutions in the regions and throughout the Russian Federation.