Schoolgirls from the Sverdlovsk Region presented their VR application at an all-Russian competition

A team from Verkhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Salda made it to the finals of the federal scientific and practical conference "Start in Innovations". The winners of the youth engineering accelerator Masterskaya: Salda 2.0 conquered the capital's competitions.

Last November, school pupils Maria Ksenofontova, Elizaveta Kovalyova and Daria Pagina won the accelerator organized by the Higher Technical School (Tula) and received support from the Empathy Foundation for the implementation of their project, surprising the jury with a VR simulator model for the profession of blacksmith.

The founder of Empathy, Mikhail Shelkov, congratulated all the participants and noted that supporting young talents is one of the most important objectives of the foundation’s work. “The accelerator was held in Salda for the first time, but after such a successful start, I would like for us to hold programs and competitions for active and gifted children in other regions as well,” the philanthropist added.

The idea for the career guidance app was born during participation in the accelerator. The team set the goal to help applicants familiarize themselves with different professions. Any student may face difficulties in choosing a university and a direction of study.

VR-application for career guidance helps to comfortably and safely immerse oneself in the work process, one might say, to undergo an internship without leaving the room. It is enough to put on virtual reality glasses and take controllers – the applicant finds himself or herself at the workplace, sees the necessary items and receives real tasks. The picture is complemented by sounds and noises accompanying the work.

At the moment, the prototype application introduces one of the processes of blacksmithing, for which the schoolgirls modeled a real workshop.

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