The first stage of the regional selection for the Gifted Girls & Brainy Boys Olympiad

The first stage of the regional selection for the Gifted Girls & Brainy Boys Olympiad recently took place in Sverdlovsk Region. In the first qualifying round, held in the Urals, 70 10th-grade students from across the region participated in this well-known nationwide Olympiad. The students were asked to write an essay on one of 5 topics dedicated to the Urals.

The remote-participation stage of the competition took place on February 18 at several venues: in the regional capital, the cities of Polevskoy, Novouralsk, Nizhny Tagil, and the settlement of Achit. All interested participants could also write essays at the Golden Ratio Foundation in Yekaterinburg, where, after completing the writing, the students had the opportunity to meet with an invited expert and their future coach.

The winner of the all-Russian television Olympiad Gifted Girls & Brainy Boys and a student of MGIMO, Saltanat Yermukhambetova, will prepare the successful finalists from Sverdlovsk for the first regional selection in the Urals. During the final stage, the participants will be personally evaluated by the author and the host of the show, Yuri Pavlovich Vyazemsky.

The lists of students who successfully completed the competition task will be announced on March 10 on the websites of the Golden Ratio and Empathy foundations. These students will then be invited to the second in-person final stage in April-May 2023. The final will be conducted in a format that closely follows the rules of the all-Russian television Olympiad, including semifinal and final rounds, medals, participants, and theoreticians.

The winners of the Olympiad will be three participants from the second stage: the winners of the final round (agon) among the participants, as well as the theoreticians who score the highest number of points (orders). The champions, without additional trials, will participate in the televised humanitarian Olympiad for pupils, Bright Minds, in Moscow. The winners of the regional selection will receive a 100,000-ruble prize (~1250 USD) from Mikhail Shelkov’s foundation and a free trip to Moscow for the show’s recording. Sverdlovsk participants who enroll in MGIMO after the Olympiad will receive a special monthly scholarship of 50,000 rubles (~625 USD).

The organizers of the Gifted Girls & Brainy Boys Olympiad in Sverdlovsk Region are the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy in Sverdlovsk Region, Mikhail Shelkov’s Empathy Charitable Foundation, and the Golden Ratio Foundation for Support of Talented Children and Youth.