Video of the award ceremony

Award ceremony for the winners of the "Teaching as a Calling" contest

On October 8, Olga Gremyakova deputy prime minister of the Tula Region, and Mikhail Shelkov’s Empathy Foundation awarded the best teachers of the region – the winners of the “Teaching as a Calling” contest.

The award ceremony was held in the creative industrial cluster of Oktava, created with the support of Mikhail Shelkov in 2018. The awarding of diplomas to the winners, from the Ministry of Education in the region, and certificates from Empathy took place as part of the Festival of Science and Education, timed to coincide with Teacher’s Day.

The contest is the first joint project of the Ministry of Education in the Tula Region and the Empathy Charitable Foundation. The cooperation is aimed at supporting educational and development activities, as well as the development of creative and intellectual abilities, and professional the competency of teachers in the Tula Region.