Empathy supports young talents

From April 10 to 12, the final stage of the International Competition of Scientific and Creative Works "Start in Science" took place in Moscow, where pupils from Nizhnyaya Salda presented their research.

Over 70 children’s projects were showcased in person over the course of two days, during which participants presented their research in various scientific categories. Students from Nizhnyaya Salda showcased their work in subjects such as natural science, biology, ecology and local history. The trip of the Nizhnyaya Salda students and teachers to the final of the international competition, supported by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, was sponsored by Mikhail Shelkov’s Empathy Charitable Foundation.

Alena Shmotyeva, a 3rd-grade student from Education Center No. 7 named after Russian Hero Yu. Igitova, became a prize winner in the “Start in Science” competition, presenting a project to the jury on the topic of “Carbonated Drinks: Benefit or Harm?”.  In her research work, Alena described an experiment she had conducted at home, examining the composition of the most common carbonated drinks and the effects of their components on different organs of the human body. The student presented the history of the emergence of carbonated drinks and their current popularity among elementary school students.

Anton Konstantinov, a student from the 5B class of Secondary School No. 5, presented a project called “Luffa – Growing Loofah”. Anton shared information about how this unusual vine from the gourd family with long fruits can be used as a natural loofah. He also highlighted the cultivation features he had personally discovered during his research at home.

Ekaterina Sergeyevna Shmotyeva, as the supervisor of these children’s projects, was awarded the honorary title of “Meritorious Worker in Public Education,” and received a diploma and a letter of appreciation from the scientific supervisor, as well as a diploma for participating in a scientific-practical conference.

Education Center No. 7 was represented by Anastasia Petrovna Bessonova, who gave an oral presentation titled “Natural Scientific Literacy: Learning for Life,” and Vasilisa Bessonova, a student from the 3A class, who presented a project on local history titled “The Image of Alenushka through the Eyes of a Child: Exploring the Fairy Tales of Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin-Sibiryak.”

All the pupils were awarded diplomas as winners of the final stage of the in-person competition, “Start in Science,” as well as diplomas for “Hopes of Russian Science,” and diplomas for the best oral presentation.

Congratulations to the students from Nizhnyaya Salda and we wish them continued success!