How to choose a profession if you don’t know what you want to do

Elle Girl understands how difficult it is for graduates to decide on their future profession, and offers the chance to try the "7 Steps to Choosing a Profession" methodology, while also talking about the career guidance VR-application of the Salda schoolgirls.

Did you know that according to statistics 64% of Russians choose the wrong profession and end up not working in their specialty? But this is no reason to worry! There are many examples of success in various fields, and all of them confirm that it is never too late to find your vocation.

We suggest starting with the methodology “7 Steps to Choosing a Profession” by Elmira Davydova, a Moscow career counselor. Of course, this method is not the only one. Career guidance specialists also conduct personal consultations and develop many online tests that help you understand your abilities, discover your potential, choose the right type of work, and determine the right direction of training.

It’s hard to believe, but graduates also get help from their peers. For example, schoolgirls from the Sverdlovsk Region have come up with a modern way to immerse themselves in professions of interest as quickly and safely as possible and even take internships without leaving home. The answer: virtual reality!

High school students Maria Ksenofontova, Elizaveta Kovalyova and Daria Pagina prepared their project while participating in the youth accelerator of the Empathy Charitable Foundation. Just imagine: it is enough to put on virtual reality glasses and take controllers in your hands – and an applicant at the workplace sees all the necessary items and receives real tasks.

The prototype created so far introduces only the profession of a blacksmith, but the founder of Empathy, Mikhail Shelkov supports the development of a full-fledged VR-application for career guidance.

While the application is in development, let the girls’ example inspire other students to find their favorite job!

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(Photo: Adobe Stock)