Interview with a member of the jury of the “Teaching as a Calling” competition

One of the jury members of the regional competition "Teaching as a Calling", Commissioner Andrei Aleksandrovich, in an interview for the publication Arguments & Facts, spoke about the trends in pedagogy, about the joint work of teachers from different disciplines, the importance of cooperation between schools and private business, as well as the need for the participation of entrepreneurs in such competitions.

On Friday, October 8, the names of the best teachers in the Tula Region were announced. The winners of the contest “Teaching as a Calling” were congratulated by Olga Gremyakova, deputy chairman of the government of the Tula Region, and entrepreneur Mikhail Shelkov, creator of the Empathy Foundation. The contest was held from June to September 2021.

The expert committee selected 33 winners in 11 different categories. Teachers shared the training courses they had developed, and presented projects as well as other materials. The Contest Commission included specialists from the Tula Region’s education sector, as well as federal-level experts engaged by the Empathy Foundation.

One of the jury members – an expert in the field of game technologies in education, a member of the Russian Academy of Game Practice, a member of the Russian Association of Games in Education, Commissioner Andrei Aleksandrovich  shared his experience of participation in the project. According to him, today the profession of a teacher is rapidly modernizing, bringing with it additional difficulties and areas of responsibility.

When evaluating the contest participants, Commissioner Andrei Aleksandrovich , first of all, paid attention to how teachers position themselves in the educational process – whether they are open to new solutions or stick to more conservative directions.

The second criterion for the contest selection, the speaker called the teacher’s ability to build bridges between different disciplines – whether it is a school program, university or even a kindergarten.

According to him, the competition “Teaching as a Calling” showed that many participants are ready to move to a new format, are able to do more than simply work through the hours, but to conduct complex and difficult work in order to engage the children through development and understanding. Andrei noted how important the interest of entrepreneurs in holding such competitions is.

“There are great opportunities for entrepreneurs in this,” shared Andrey Alexandrovich. “Through such contests, with interested teachers, we can introduce modern solutions. Regions and city-forming enterprises, above all else, are interested in making sure that children do not leave the region and stay to work for them. School-university-enterprise interaction looks promising today. It is necessary for enterprises to get involved in such competitions and increase such an agenda.”

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