Making the first IT project in Scratch

After a successful course on the basics of programming for school children, the Empathy Foundation and the ROBBO company have prepared instructional material for those who want to create a cartoon or a computer game with their own hands.

How it all started: last year the Empathy Foundation spoke about a teacher who learned useful digital tools during a distance learning course and decided not to stop there. After the article was published, the ROBBO company offered our hero the chance to learn the Scratch programming language and helped to organize a course for school children.

In the first half of the year, 8 teachers and 80 students from school No. 3 in Verkhnyaya Salda took the course.

It is not difficult at all to repeat the achievements of these school children! The article describes in detail how to create your first fairy tale on Scratch, using the story The Traveling Frog as an example. If you like it, you can look at other games invented by school children – looking at different examples first will make it easier to understand program.

How to create a project in Scratch