The Mikhail Shelkov Foundation will support teachers and educators with 200 million rubles in the upcoming school year

"Empathy" has announced the launch of two new large-scale projects to support teachers and educators in Verkhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Salda, as well as the continuation of the Foundation's flagship program of monthly payments to all teachers in the two cities without exception.

Mikhail Shelkov, the founder of the Foundation, has always emphasized the key role of teachers in developing a generation of in-demand graduates and future specialists. Therefore, since its inception, Empathy has been actively supporting teachers: after its launch in 2020, the Shelkov Foundation has allocated more than 140 million (2,34 mln USD) to help 550 teachers in cities of the Sverdlovsk region and almost 20 million (334 000 USD) for 84 winners of the competition in Tula.

“The mission of Empathy was and remains to encourage educators to continue improving in what they love to do without the risk of losing a decent income. With the new Best Teachers program, a teacher’s monthly salary in Salda is effectively doubled. Schools have an opportunity to invite more rare specialists, to fill vacancies and to refute the stereotype that good education can be obtained only in big cities”, – shared the founder of the Foundation Mikhail Shelkov.

As noted by, the total amount allocated for all three programs will be almost 200 million rubles (3,34 mln USD) for one school year.